Friday, January 11, 2019

How to Make Vape Atomizer Coils Last Longer - Our Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to properly use and care for your vape pen can ensure that each vape session is fresh and enjoyable instead of harsh and distasteful. The following tips will teach you how to make vape coils last longer to keep your vape experience smooth and fresh while ensuring that your vape pen stays in good and usable condition.

Prime Your Vape Coil

Priming only takes a few minutes of your time and can result in a richer vaping quality and extend the lifespan of your coil. Failure to prime your coil can ruin and burn your coil at the first rip. Priming your coil is simple. Manually soak your wicks before installing them so that when they start to heat, there’s enough juice to absorb the heat to prevent the burning of your vape coil. Add a couple drops of e-juice to the top or side opening where the wick is visible, and allow the exposed wick to soak so that it is saturated and your coil is ready for use.

Use Lower Power Settings

Sub-ohm vape tanks are built to run on high-level power settings, but consistently vaping at a higher wattage will shorten the life of your coil and e-juice. If you choose to vape at a higher wattage, your e-juice that is absorbed by the wick burns off faster and vaporizes more quickly from the high level of heat, which wastes your e-juice. If you add chain vaping to this scenario, you’re just wasting your e-juice from excessive use and too-high heat. If you start at a lower-level power setting, you can keep your wick and coil in better condition and prevent flavor from diminishing with each vape.

Keep Your Tank Full

Low e-juice in your vape tank can keep the wick drier than needed for each vape session. Many coil heads need e-juice levels to remain at a minimum level to allow for the wick to come in contact with the juice for vaping. Refill your tank regularly to prevent your vape from tasting harsh as a result of burning or flavor diminishing as a result of your wick not being fully saturated.

Use E-Juice That Is More PG and Less VG

This is one of the best tips to make atomizer heads last longer. If you’re priming your vape pen and still getting dry puffs, your e-juice could be the problem. E-juice that is high VG – 70 percent or higher – can cause problems with your wick, the speed of wicking and the speed of vaporization. Together, these problems result in dry puffs, unpleasant taste and burnt coils. Opt out of high VG e-juice and opt in for a mixture that is 50/50 VG and PG, or mostly PG. Sub-ohm coils can deal with high-concentration VG e-juices, but if your vape tank is struggling to maintain a saturated wick for fresh vaping, your vape juice could be the problem.

Don’t Chain Vape

Chain vaping can cause your wick to dry out if it’s not properly saturated with e-juice and will also cause your coil to burn. Chain vaping prevents your wick from getting soaked before each use. Normal use of vape pens allows the wick to prime itself again and be soaked in e-juice so that you can vape properly. Long periods of vaping will cause wicks to dry out and hot coils to burn.

How you take care of your vape coil can add to the quality of your vaping experience and extend the lifespan of your vape pen. Proper care of vape coils can save you money on replacement pens and prevent harsh and bitter dry puffs. Follow these simple tips on how to make vape coils last longer to make every vape experience tasteful and enjoyable!

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