Tuesday, June 9, 2015

E-Cigarette Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

E-cigarettes have many advantages over traditional tobacco products. They produce no smoke or second-hand effects, are easy to use and help you monitor your nicotine intake. And while e-cigs require very little maintenance, it is important to take care of them like any other electronic. Vaping should always be a pleasurable experience, and here we offer some simple tips that will keep your e-cig looking and functioning its best!

Benefits of a Clean E-Cigarette

Keeping a clean e-cigarette is necessary to be able to fully enjoy all of its benefits over the course of a longer lifespan. When your e-cig is clean it works much more efficiently, and also prevents the battery from being overworked and losing its charge prematurely. In addition, V-Lixir (e-liquid) can become displaced and seep into the tiny holes in the battery which may damage both battery and also your battery charger. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a clean e-cig is the fresh full-flavored vapor it will produce :)

How To Clean Your E-Cigarette

You will need: a few paper towels, some cotton swabs (q-tips), water and/or rubbing alcohol.
  • Have your paper towel handy to soak up any excess water, alcohol or e-liquid.
  • Disassemble your e-cigarette by removing the tank portion from the battery.
  • First, examine your battery. Use a cotton swab (apply water or alcohol if needed) to clean out the battery pad where it makes connection to the tank. You may even use tweezers to clean out any build-up. Cleaning your battery pad will allow it to make a stronger, more reliable connection to the tank.
  • To clean your tank, start by disassembling it. Most tanks have a removable mouth piece, base and atomizer.
  • Rinse out the tank portion under hot water, and set aside to dry.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the base of your where it connects to the battery.
  • You may rinse or use a cotton swab to clean your mouth piece if you please.
  • Before reassembling your e-cig, examine the atomizer to make sure it does not appear burnt or contain any build-up. You may need to change your atomizer. Note: if you rinse your atomizer in water be sure to let it fully dry well before attempting to use it.
  • If your tank or cartridge is disposable, it doesn’t have to be cleaned at all. Simply replace it with a new cartridge and discard the old one.

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