Thursday, June 11, 2015

Essential E-Cig Accessories

E-cigarette accessories are both fun and essential in keeping your e-cig operating at its best! Read on as we fill you in on the latest and greatest accessories that will provide you with the most enjoyable and hassle-free vaping experience :)


Also frequently called clearomizers, cartomizers or cartridges, the tank is the portion of the e-cig that holds your V-Lixir (e-liquid). While most tanks are reusable, there are pre-filled disposable tanks available for your convenience. There are many different kind of tanks to choose from – this allows there to be an option and a perfect fit for everyone! Some tanks provide a gentle draw while others are strong and more powerful! You can even get a tank with an adjustable airflow feature to further customize your draw! Tanks come in a variety of colors with an array of features so you can find the perfect one, or accessorize with many different styles :)

Spare Atomizers

The atomizer is the heating coil responsible for vaporizing the V-Lixir (e-liquid) and turning it into vapor. Most tanks take an atomizer specifically designed for it. Each atomizer’s lifespan depends on the e-cigarette user. Lighter vapers will have to change their atomizer less frequently, while heavier vapers may change their atomizer more often due to use. Luckily, atomizers are very inexpensive costing only a few dollars a piece! You will know when your atomizer needs to be replaced when you get a burnt taste, if it stops producing vapor or if it leaks profusely. Always have some backup atomizers/coils with you because you never know when you might need one!


The battery is the portion of your e-cigarette that powers the atomizer when activated. There are two main styles of battery available: manual and automatic. A manual battery is active when you press the button, while an automatic battery will activate simply when you draw on it. A battery’s mAh (Milliamp Hours) will tell you approximately how energy the battery can store at one time. For example, a 900 mAh battery will offer you about 900 puffs. Batteries may also contain different features such as variable voltage which allows you to make your draw lighter or stronger. Most electronic cigarette batteries are rechargeable, and when you purchase a new battery it is best to use it right away, drain the battery completely and give it a good 8-hour charge the first time for optimum performance. It is always a good idea to have a spare battery in case yours dies, malfunctions or gets lost.


Like most people these days, e-cig users are always on the go and looking for opportunities to stay charged. Luckily, there’s just as many charger options for vapor cigarettes as there are for any other electronic. Use a USB charger to charge your device by connecting it to anything with a USB port, a vehicle adapter for when you’re out and about and a portable wall adapter to make any wall outlet a power haven. Perhaps one of the greatest charging innovations is a portable charging case which not only houses your device and batteries, but charges everything without a separate power source.


A protective carrying case comes in really handy for many reasons. Not only will your case keep your e-cig safe from damage, but it will also store V-Lixir, spare batteries, atomizers and so much more! A case is the best way to pack around an e-cig, keeping it far from harm’s way and everything in one place for your convenience!


Ever lose your e-cig in your car or in the couch? A lanyard will ensure that your e-cig will never get lost and will always be nearby and ready to use! Some lanyards attach between the tank and the battery, while others offer a pouch feature for your e-cig to sit comfortably in. Whichever you choose, a lanyard is a great way to keep your e-cig close and still allow you to be hands-free and seize more of the day!

Tank Stands

Tank stands offer a great place to store your e-cig while charging your battery, keeping it upright and preventing unwanted leaks. Available in a variety of colors at an affordable price, you can now have a tank stand for all your spare tanks! We also have stands available for select batteries.

Drip Tips

Inexpensively customize your mouthpiece for both comfort and style with our interchangeable mouthpieces! They are available in many different styles, colors and materials including aluminum, chrome and stainless steel. Interchangeable mouthpieces come in really handy for customizing each of your tanks so you can tell them apart, and also for optimizing your vape and making it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible :)

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