Monday, July 6, 2015

Common Questions About E-Cigs

While electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity over the past few years, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with how they work and what makes them any different from traditional cigarettes. Whether you’re looking for a little more information before you make your first purchase, or you came here looking to figure out what all the hype is about, we’ve got the basics covered right here and will answer some commonly asked questions about e-cigs :)

First things first - what’s the difference between a standard cigarette and an e-cig?

While traditional cigarettes produce smoke when the user is puffing on it as a result of the burning tobacco, electronic cigarettes actually produce water vapor. The smell produced from tobacco smoke is less than desirable and often lingers long after a cig has been smoked. E-cigs have no second-hand smoke effects whatsoever.

E-cigarettes still contain nicotine to satisfy your craving, and the vapor produced is actually glycerin or propylene glycol-based, which has been deemed safe to be used in medical and cosmetic products by the FDA.

What are the parts of an e-cig?

Typically, an e-cigarette is made of a few main components: a tank, an atomizer inside the tank, and a battery.

  • Tank: Holds your e-liquid.
  • Battery: Powers the atomizer or “heating element” inside the tank.
  • Atomizer: A coil inside the tank. When heated up, the atomizer will turn the V-Lixir in your tank into vapor! Because this part heats up frequently, it eventually burns out and will need to be replaced routinely.

How does an e-cig work?

Most e-cigarettes come to the user turned off, but partially charged. Many will turn on by pressing the main activation button 5 times fast.

Your tank must first be filled before you can use your e-cig. Some tanks fill from the bottom, while others fill from the top; it is a best practice to always fill down the sides of your tank and not directly down the center as that can clog or flood your tank. For best results, do not overly-tighten your tank onto your battery; this may cause airflow or connection issues.

To use your e-cig simply press the activation button and take a long, slow draw to create a flavorful, simulating smoking experience! An automatic e-cigarette has no activation button and simply requires you to take a draw much like a traditional cigarette.

Like other electronics, e-cigarettes need to be charged regularly, especially with frequent use.

Which e-cigarette is right for me?

There are many different e-cigarette models to choose from. When you come into Vapor Lounge we will make recommendations based on your smoking habits, such as the type of cigarettes you smoke and how many you smoke a day. We offer a variety of options tailored to every different kind of smoker or chewer! Some e-cig models offer long battery life and variable voltage for those of you who need something strong and long-lasting. We also offer smaller, more compact models for someone looking for something sleek and discreet. Vapor Lounge carries an array of tanks to choose from that offer different draws and sensations to suit your needs. We also have a tester models available for every type of e-cigarette that we carry so you can try it out before you make the investment.

The best part is, we set them up in-store and get you going before you leave. We want to set you up for success so we will educate you on everything we know and share all our tips and tricks :)

Can I really use them anywhere?

With many businesses and restaurants banning smoking indoors, the rise of electronic cigarettes could not be more well-timed. Because there is no resulting smoke and the vapor produced is odorless, e-cigs are a great alternative in public places and more populated areas because they don’t cause an annoyance to other patrons and those around you. Some places do not allow vaping indoors and we respectfully adhere to their request to leave a good impression and give the vaping community a good name :)

Now that you’re equipped with the basic knowledge about e-cigs, head over to Vapor Lounge and browse through our products to start building your new electronic cigarette today! Contact us if you have any questions about our product line or any general FAQ about water vapor cigarettes.

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