Thursday, October 1, 2015

The eMus vs. eVod vs. eMow Package

Whether you’re looking for your first e-cigarette or you’re an experienced smoker searching for a new e-cig, there’s something out there for everyone. At Vapor Lounge we pride ourselves in providing the most high-quality vaping devices, each with its own unique features and benefits so you can find the perfect unit to suit your needs! A few of our favorite kits include – the eVod Deluxe Package, the eMus Package, and the eMow Package.
The eVod2 Package

The eVod2 Package is one of our most traditional and reliable e-cigs – a best seller for many reasons! Especially easy to use for first time vapers, this package comes complete with two e-cigarettes so you can use one while you charge the other. Each battery will last up to eight hours, and is designed with a built-in battery life indicator to alert you when your battery is almost dead. Charging is especially easy and convenient with the eVod USB charger and wall plug-in!

The eVod2 tank provides pure, consistent and flavorful throat hits, and features cut-out windows so you can see how much e-liquid V-lixir you have in your tank. And last but not least, this kit includes 5 replacement atomizers, and can be disassembled and re-assembled easily, for cleaning, maintenance and customization!

The eVod2 is simple, easy and the perfect e-cig for both vapers and those looking to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The eMus Package

The eMus Package includes the same great features of the eVod – but now smaller! It is slim and compact for portability, and the ideal e-cig when you want to vape discreetly. The eMus is easy to use and provides a smooth, perfect draw, making the transition from smoking to vaping seamless. As an added bonus, this package also includes a backup e-cigarette so you have one to use while the other one charges, or to share with a friend :-)

The eMow Package

The eMow e-cig is one of the most customizable e-cigs out there, making it ideal for intermediate and experienced smokers – or new smokers who aren’t afraid of a challenge – who are comfortable adjusting various settings in order to experiment and discover which settings provide them with the smoking experience they enjoy most. The eMow features both adjustable airflow and voltage options between 3.7 and 4.8 volts.

The eMow package comes complete with a powerful 1,300mAh battery, a USB charger and an AC/USB wall adapter. Additionally, this package also comes with 5 dual coil replacement atomizers so you can smoke for up to 75 days without ordering more coils! For the most personalized vaping experience out there, search no further than the eMow.

Still wondering which e-cigarette is right for you? Contact Vapor Lounge today! We’re happy to answer questions about our vaping products and help you find the right e-cigarette for you.

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