Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why Your E-Cigarette Is Leaking

Whether you’ve used e-cigarettes for a day or for a year, eventually just about every e-smoker experiences a leaking e-cigarette. While losing a bit of e-liquid is not a life-ending disaster, getting e-liquid in your pocket, in your mouth or all over your hands is never fun. We’ve compiled some of the most common reasons why e-cigs leak as well as some tips on how to fix your leaking vaporizer.

Why Is My E-Cig Leaking?

In most “leaking” cases, the problem is actually not leaking, but “flooding.” Flooding happens more often with new e-smokers and often occurs when a user inhales too forcefully. Too strong of an inhale can cause too much liquid to be drawn into the atomizer. When there is an overabundance of liquid in the atomizer, the heating coil cannot vaporize all the liquid and it’s left with no place to go – except the battery or your mouth. If your “leak” appears to be coming from where your battery terminal and tank meet, your tank is likely flooded.

Causes of Flooding:
  • Heating coil (atomizer) is not tightened down all the way.
  • Heating coil has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.
  • Tank is low and needs more liquid.
  • Dramatic change in temperature (summer and winter)
  • Battery is low and cannot heat up coil enough to vaporize liquid.

How to Prevent Flooding & Fix Leaks

When it comes to a flooded tank, the good news is there’s often nothing actually wrong with your device. After you clean and dry your electronic cigarette, you can reassemble it and continue to vape away.

  1. Remove the tank from the battery and clean all connection points.
  2. Make sure the atomizer inside your tank is tightened down.
  3. Blow through your atomizer or tank and make sure there is no liquid down the center chamber.
  4. Make sure to refill your tank. When a tank is low, it can change the pressure inside your tank, causing it to leak.
  5. Be sure your battery is charged!

Please call or visit us at Vapor Lounge for cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting services anytime! We’ve got all your e-cigarette needs covered.

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