Monday, November 9, 2015

eVic Mod Review: VTC – Mini E-Cigarette with Temperature Control

Innovative e-cigarette convenience and design awaits you when you choose the eVic VTC. This product features all of the newest technology while still offering you hours of easy usage. With its compact size, it can always be right on hand whenever you need it. It also comes with customizable features that allow you to optimize your e-cigarette experience.

Among its most innovative features are its adjustable wattage and temperature control. You can easily adjust the wattage so you avoid overusing the battery. Setting the power of the device to your preferences allows you to extend the life of the battery so that you can use it longer.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Is Vaping Better For You Than Smoking? A UK Study Says Yes

As a smoker, you have probably let the danger of smoking cross your mind more than once. The
annual fifty million dollar campaign by the Center for Disease Control encourages you to think about it. Until now, quitting or never starting were the only ways to avoid the hazards. With the increase in e-cigarette use, many are left wondering, is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? An expert independent evidence review from England shows that e-cigarettes are about 95 percent less harmful than tobacco.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Top E-cig Flavor Picks for Fall Weather & the Holidays

Great things happen when fall comes and the weather cools down. Each new season heralds in new scents and flavors to entice the taste buds. Sure, summer is filled with fruits galore, but there’s something warm, spicy and comforting about autumn flavors. Celebrate the changing of the seasons by finding the best e-cig liquid for fall and winter. Here’s a list of the top e-cig juice fall flavors guaranteed to get anyone into the holiday spirit. Plus, many new flavors you can enjoy for only a select time of the year!