Friday, November 6, 2015

Is Vaping Better For You Than Smoking? A UK Study Says Yes

As a smoker, you have probably let the danger of smoking cross your mind more than once. The
annual fifty million dollar campaign by the Center for Disease Control encourages you to think about it. Until now, quitting or never starting were the only ways to avoid the hazards. With the increase in e-cigarette use, many are left wondering, is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? An expert independent evidence review from England shows that e-cigarettes are about 95 percent less harmful than tobacco.

Understanding the Statistics
Public Health England (PHE) commissioned the review and published it on, correcting some misconceptions about e-cigarettes. Even though 44 percent of the population does not know that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco, evidence shows that the devices offer only a fraction of the risk of smoking. The report shows that they can help smokers stop the habit as well. The evidence fails to support the idea that e-cigarettes encourage children or non-smokers to start smoking.

Combatting Misunderstanding
A significant finding indicates that the number of people who think that e-cigarettes are as harmful or even more detrimental than smoking is increasing. According to the evidence, nearly all of Great Britain’s 2.6 million e-cigarette users are current or previous smokers who use the device as an aid that prevents them from smoking. Ex-smokers who receive support from local anti-smoking groups while using e-cigarettes report the highest rates of success in quitting smoking.

Getting Confirmation from Experts
Professor Kevin Fenton at PHE confirms that local stop smoking groups can help the public understand that e-cigarettes assist smokers in quitting completely. Professor Ann McNeill of King’s College London expresses agreement, recommending that smokers try using vapors and vaping as a way to stop smoking. Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University London, an independent author of the review, said that smokers who choose vaping “remove almost all of the risks smoking poses to their health.”

Debunking an Erroneous Interpretation
Authors of a study comparing particulate matter from conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes have presented findings that the American Vaping Association claims are biased. Regardless of the interpretation that the authors offer, the results of the study show that no difference exists between the two. According to a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, Dr. Michael Siegel, e-cigarette aerosol is no more toxic than the air in a smoke-free or vapor free home.

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