Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Top E-cig Flavor Picks for Fall Weather & the Holidays

Great things happen when fall comes and the weather cools down. Each new season heralds in new scents and flavors to entice the taste buds. Sure, summer is filled with fruits galore, but there’s something warm, spicy and comforting about autumn flavors. Celebrate the changing of the seasons by finding the best e-cig liquid for fall and winter. Here’s a list of the top e-cig juice fall flavors guaranteed to get anyone into the holiday spirit. Plus, many new flavors you can enjoy for only a select time of the year!

Coffee and Cream: The perfect e-cig liquid for those who can’t do anything until they’ve had their first cup o’ joe. Start the morning right, with a warm cup of coffee topped with a dollop of the finest cream.

Hazelnut Heaven: Tis the season of mouthwatering and intoxicatingly delicious flavors —the smooth and creamy nuttiness of hazelnut is one of fall’s best.

Cigar Cubano: For anyone who prefers a smoother and headier vaping experience. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants rich flavor without the frills.

Salted CaramelLooking for a more sugary kind of sweetness? Get your fix with this delightfully decadent mixture of salty and sweet—the perfect autumn treat.

Black Honey Tobacco: For those who want to try something unique yet strangely comforting—a combination of satisfying tobacco flavor and the spicy sweetness of honey.

Earl Grey: For those who fancy a nice cuppa tea—the next best way to banish the cold weather blues. This blend of fragrant bergamot and orange is sure to soothe the taste buds.

Fireball: If the other e-cig liquids don’t pack enough punch, the cinnamon-whisky inspired flavor of this e-cig liquid will pack quite the wallop.

Looking to try something completely distinctive to the holidays? Check out our choice holiday flavors from Vapor Select — sure to entice the senses and usher in the holiday spirit:

Available November 1st to December 31st 
White Chocolate: Truffles, anyone? Enjoy this creamy comforting flavor throughout the season.
Cranberry Tart: Oh, just your favorite holiday dessert that you get to enjoy all day—yes, please!
Buttered Rum: A modern twist on the age-old holiday drink of rum, cider, and cinnamon.
Candy Cane: Always guaranteed to get you in the spirit—the holidays just aren’t the same without this peppermint goodness!

When you’re looking for a new e-cig refill liquid online, go with the seasonal flow. Take a chance on one or several of these fall flavor picks. Each comes in a 10 ml bottle and is available in varying strengths of nicotine. You also have the choice between Vapor Select V-Lixir and the premium Vapor Select Cloud line, specially blended for sub ohms to give you bigger clouds and more flavor. There’s truly a perfect e-cigarette flavor and strength for everyone—find your mix!

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