Monday, December 21, 2015

E-Cig Dangers: How to Avoid E-Cigarette Explosion

E-cigarettes have become a popular replacement to a burning wand of tobacco and ash. Considered safer and more convenient, e-cigarettes have less nicotine, barely any smell and no combustion. However, in recent news, there have been reports of e-cigarettes exploding. “What?” you’re probably thinking as you set your e-cigarette down far, far away from you. Rest assured that e-cigarette explosions are very rare and can be prevented. Read below to find out how to avoid an e-cigarette explosion and use your e-cigarette safely.

Brand Names Aren’t for Snobs

It is extremely unlikely that an e-cigarette will explode, and it has only happened in rare cases. One of the most significant ways to avoid e-cigarette explosion is to use a branded e-cig. Some of the lesser-known brands of e-cigarettes are poorly manufactured and have few, if any, quality checks. Paying a little more for a brand name you trust can help save your life. Reputable brands conduct comprehensive tests before the product goes to market.

Know How to Use It

The instructions do indicate the e-cig dangers, such as accidental fires. They also instruct the user on how to prevent this from happening. Reading the instructions seems like a small step to take to prevent a huge disaster, doesn’t it? In fact, 99 percent of e-cigarette explosions are from a modified device. Substituting parts that did not come with your kit or modifying an e-cigarette in any other way can be dangerous.

Use the Correct E-cig Chargers and Batteries

Even though charging the e-cig with a charger that was not included in the kit seems harmless, it could cause fires. The same goes for using different batteries. Although you can find cheaper batteries, never use a battery that’s not indicated for use with your specific e-cigarette. Alternative batteries don’t have safety features that prevent them from overheating, and using the wrong charger for your battery could bypass the safety shutoff as well.

Avoid Overheating

The atomizer in many e-cigarette mods may overheat if the button is depressed too long. If the e-cig feels warm to the touch while using it, set it down and give it a rest before using it again. Quality brands have an automatic shutoff to avoid overheating. If you are shopping with Vapor Lounge, rest assured that all mods offered in our store include this feature.

Just like with any cigarette, e-cigarettes are safe when used with caution. Following instructions and common sense can help prevent e-cig dangers. Stop by our online shop and ensure that you have all of the appropriate parts and are using a high-quality setup.

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  1. I'm pretty sure most of these explosions were caused by idiots doing idiotic things, pretty much like the "explosions" with those hoverboards. So in other words, just don't be an idiot and you shouldn't have to worry about your vape exploding.

    FZ @ D&D Vapor


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