Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Introducing the New 22mL Bottle for VS Cloud Line E-Liquid

Get more vapor—and more cloud—for your buck with new, larger 22mL bottles of the Vapor Select Cloud Line!

One of the best bargains in e-cigarette liquid, the 22mL bottle of the Vapor Select Cloud Line is specially designed to combine with sub-ohms for vapers who love exhaling a billowy cloud. Divine flavors, satisfying clouds and big 22mL bottles make the Vapor Select Cloud Line the best e-cig liquid refill value you will find online! Sample every flavor in the Vapor Select Cloud Line 12mL size while supplies last, and then pick up a budget-friendly 22mL bottle of your favorite!

The unique flavors of the Vapor Select Cloud Line can be combined to create an infinite number of vaping experiences. Check out the berry goodness of Grape Escape and Black Cherry, sweeten your tobacco flavor with Vapor Select Black Honey blend, or get fruity with Blue Cotton Candy, tangy Blueberry, or the heavenly cinnamon sugar decadence of Churro Treat.

Don't forget the unique blend of mixed fruit and berries captured in Cloud Berry, or the tangy adventure of Dragon’s Breath. Catch a heady breakfast cereal buzz with Commander Crunch, or enjoy the hot cinnamon pop of Fireball. Other Vapor Select V-Lixir e-juice flavors include the sweet nectar of Honeysuckle, deep forest Huckleberry, old-school Orange Cream, cinnamon graham-cracker-inspired Pear Crumble, melt-in-your-mouth Salted Caramel, delicious Shamrock Surprise, seductive Strawberry Champagne, savory Sweet Mulberry, Thai peanut-flavored Thai Fighter, and a delicious cocktail of strawberry, watermelon and coconut known as Vapor Select Tiger’s Blood.

Each 22mL bottle of the Vapor Select Cloud Line contains 100 percent made-in-the-USA Vapor Select V-Lixir and comes with a childproof cap. Order your e-cig refill liquid online with

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