Saturday, July 30, 2016

Exciting New E-Liquid Brands Land at Vapor Lounge

California Vaping Co.

The California Vaping Company has emerged as a strong player in the creation of premium e-liquids by stressing manufacturing quality in the most pristine conditions. Based in San Diego, the California Vaping Co. invests time and money in the research process to assess what makes a great e-liquid. Working from one of the cleanest labs in the industry, the company spares no effort while self-regulating the production of e-liquid. From pharmaceutical-grade nicotine to USDA Organic raw ingredients like cinnamon sticks and mint leaves, everything about the process of creating these e-liquids is carried out with the goal of producing a safer, cleaner product.
The company features e-liquid flavors like Refresh, one of the most authentic menthol e-liquids in the market. Cool and crisp, it never becomes bitter on the palate. For something a little offbeat, try Lemon Pound Cake. This e-liquid is crafted with a lemon extract exclusive to the California Vaping Co. Bandit Tobacco blends sweet tobacco with notes of caramel and roasted almonds, a mixture that is simply not found among the offerings from other e-liquid companies. E-liquids from the California Vaping Co. come packaged in convenient 30mL bottles with a dropper and are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg.


Glas brings elegance and refinement to e-liquid production. Glas took the same level of quality it is known for in the creation of mechanical products and applied it to designing its top-shelf, smooth e-liquids. Every batch of flavors turned out by Glas is subjected to a complex steeping process and controls that ensure consistency across the entire product line. The profiles used by Glas are original and linger long, with a smooth and satisfying hit that does not overpower the senses.

Guave by Glas E-Liquid is a prime example of how bold the company's flavors are. Perfect for a summer all-day vape, the flavor begins with a juicy guava base that has just the right amount of sweetness. This is then coupled with accents of tangy lemonade and berry essence for a truly unique fruit flavor. Pebbles takes a classic breakfast cereal taste and infuses it with vanilla and sweet cream to deliver unparalleled goodness and class. Glazed shatters the standard taste of pastry-inspired e-juices by adding Madagascar vanilla to the mix. It's great with a favorite cup of coffee in the morning. All of the Glas flavors benefit from a specially designed 30mL bottle that is custom molded to accommodate the dropper without shorting the amount of e-liquid for added value.


Purity and the quality of American-made e-juices are what define Element E-Liquid. The company is based in Florida, and its flavors are as bright and sunny as you would expect from this coastal producer of premium e-juices. The company sources nicotine from the most highly regarded companies in the vaping industry and pre-steeps for great flavor straight out of the bottle. All of the work is overseen by a team of qualified mixologists in a clean environment that is maintained on a daily basis. The result is flavor like no other.

Packaged in 20mL bottles with a squeeze J-tip dropper, Element features flavors such as Key Lime Cookie. This remarkable flavor truly captures the vibe of the sea life with its hints of Florida Key limes. Neon Green Slushie transforms a classic summer beverage treat into a grown-up e-liquid that is refreshingly cool. Of course, no Florida-based producer of designer e-liquid could do without a citrus blend, and Fresh Squeeze perfectly captures the essence of Florida oranges.

The Drip Company

The Drip Company seizes on the sublime connection between coffee and nicotine. All of the flavors produced by The Drip Company are inspired by a legendary coffee shop, and each of them are just as classy and refined as you would expect thanks to a highly complex steeping process and constant research and development. Lab techs at The Drip Company are in tune with all the great tastes coffee lovers crave.

Packaged in a nifty coffee-style bag, the 30mL bottles of premium flavors like Frappeberry hearken back to easygoing afternoons in the coffee shop where life is a little slower and meant to be savored. The Drip Company understands that vaping is a lifestyle, and its flavors embrace that philosophy.

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