Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rebuildable Vaping Makes Its Way to Vapor Lounge

Without question, the most popular type of vaping today involves using rebuildable atomizers. Vapor Lounge is excited to expand into this popular area of vaping culture by offering many outstanding products from superior brands.

What Are Rebuildable Atomizers?

Rebuildable atomizers, more commonly referred to as RBAs, offer a method of vaping that stands apart from more traditional methods such as those offered by pen vaporizers or other mods. With an RBA, a vaper can access a greater level of customization and control. Vapers can build their own wicks and coils and even adjust the output of ohms. This enhanced functionality truly allows vapers to personalize the way they vape.

Specifically, there are two types of rebuildable atomizers. The standard RBA, as mentioned above, uses a tank to contain e-juices similar to the one used by most modern vaporizers. The rebuildable dripping atomizer, or RDA, drips e-liquid on the coils in a direct fashion. This method can be a little more economical but requires adding e-liquid more often. The upside to an RDA is that rebuilding parts is often easier. Additionally, the RDA is often the vaporizer of choice for those who like to sub-ohm vape, or vape with a rig that can fire at less than 1 ohm of resistance. If you have ever been around someone producing those huge voluminous clouds of vapor that are so cool, he or she was probably using a sub-ohm RDA. Rebuildable vape mods, which are simply modern vaporizers, can also be more durable and cost-efficient.

Why You Should Try RBA Vaping

If you've been vaping for a while, chances are you are sometimes frustrated by the limitations of traditional vaporizers. There is little, if any, temperature control, and sometimes the hit of a traditional vaporizer begins to wane with time. RBA vaping and RDA vaping produce a more robust hit, and your vaporizer can evolve right along with you as your vaping tastes change.

The RBA is the pinnacle of freedom when it comes to vaping. It puts you in charge of creating what you regard as the perfect vape. It is also the most cost-effective way to vape because it can deliver the most vapor from your favorite e-liquid. Finally, an RBA identifies you as an experienced vaper with a genuine appreciation of the vaping lifestyle.

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