Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Mason RDA 30mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

The competition for best rebuildable atomizer just got a little stiffer with the introduction of the Mason RDA 30mm from Vapergate. Inspired by the thematic concept of brick masonry, this simple but powerful tank achieves perfection with its classic no-frills design and sheer durability. When other tanks fail, this workhorse keeps right on firing.

The rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is one of the most popular forms of vaping today. RDAs work very well for sub-ohming, which is vaping at resistances of less than 1 ohm, and they offer vapers lots of versatility by letting them build their own coils and choose their own form of wicking. The trend, however, has been to keep tricking out new RDAs with features like multiple air hole patterns and top and bottom airflow. A few extra air holes aren't going to make that much difference to a tank that is already well vented.

The Mason RDA is just like the iconic craftsman that gave it its name: tough as nails, no frills and dependable. It boasts focused airflow that is dual tiered and gets air directly to the coils, proving that you don't need all those fancy openings. An airflow control ring, triple tiered, offers the ability to make necessary adjustments. This RDA has a uni-post deck design for bare-bones functionality.

You might be tempted to think that an RDA vaping atomizer like the Mason is too simply constructed to offer the big-time performance that sub-ohm vaping is known for, but you would be mistaken. This little tank can go toe-to-toe with more complex rebuildable tank atomizers and come out on top. The vapor it produces is voluminous, and the hits it delivers are rich and robust. Those are the two things that literally define vaping at sub-ohm levels.

Despite its simplicity, the Mason 30mm rebuildable atomizer from Vapergate is a tank made for experienced vapers. Sub-ohming and RDAs are typically favored by those who understand all the specifics of how vaporizers work. This type of unit is not an entry-level piece by any means and will be more appreciated by those who are already using an RDA to sub-ohm. Vaping at low resistances can pose safety risks when done improperly and should only be done by those with experience.

The Mason RDA sports a 510-threaded connection, which makes it compatible with a large number of mods on the market today. All tanks from this brand are compliant with the current industry-standard certifications for quality and safety. Once you experience the elegance of what an RDA used to be before it became fashionable to add useless enhancements, you might just be tempted to put your other rebuildable atomizer in a drawer for safekeeping. The Mason could easily become your go-to tank.

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